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Aug. 3rd, 2004 @ 03:54 am Scenario ideas.
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As much for my own benefit as anything, brief ideas for tactical or tactical/RPG integrated scenarios. I'll flesh them out more later.

1.) Breakthrough. An idea where a force of Gears must push through a patrol or escort screen to get to the bigger and jucier targets beyond. In a sense, the attacker just wants to punch through and they don't really care about totally destroying the defending units. One of the inspirations for this is the convoy attacks in WW2. The submarines didn't want to blow up the defending destroyers and other vessels, they wanted to get to the cargo ships. The same kind of scenario here. The attacking units want to damage, disable, or destroy just enough of the defenders to get by them and to the meaty targets beyond. As far as game mechanics go, the attacker would get victory points for getting units into the defender's map zone and more victory points for getting units off the defender's map edge. The defender gets victory points for both disabling and destroying enemy Gears, but also for keeping them on the far half of the map. This would almost certainly be a game limited by rounds. From an RPG or integrated standpoint, the thing to consider is time. The thing being attacked might be a critical shipment of ammunition or food (or Gear parts or technicians or the General's favorite stew recipie or the General himself) that will let the defender's side win in the overall conflict, it might be a critical installation that's only vulnerable for a short time (like a radar station that's had it's defenses partially disabled by a dust storm), it could be a number of things. It would have to be very important though to get the attackers to push down the instincts to fight the defender's units instead of trying to push past them.

3.) Meatgrinder. This one's a pretty simple scenario idea. A well armed veteran defender force has to fight off wave after wave of enemies who are trying to capture/destroy a vitally important objective in a limited timeframe. The defender just has to stay alive for a certain number of rounds and if they do, they win. The attacker is a special case though. The attacker gets to follow a "crunch all you want, we'll make more" philosophy and they get unit after unit to use to attack the defenders (only a small amount of units at a time though, obviously). As soon as one unit is destroyed or rendered ineffective, the dead unit is "recycled' and comes back onto the field fresh and new again. In game terms, it's still pretty simple. It's a timed game. The defenders are probably medium or heavy Gears, either veteran or elite, quite possibly infantry and/or tanks as well. The attackers are either light or medium Gears, probably either rookie or qualified. More experienced troops are probably not going to launch themselves headlong into superiour firepower and defensive positioning. :) What the attackers lack in quality, they should make up in numbers, however, wearing down the defenders. RPG/integrated games....not so much recommended. The attacker's troops are ~supposed~ to get chewed up to hell and back again and this isn't exactly something which has a high survival rate for the pilots. So unless you're ~really~ easy on your PCs or you've got something else planned, the attacker's role is a bit dangerous. The defenders have a better position as they're in heavier Gears as well as a good defensive position, but you've got to keep in mind that they're about to get attacked by a hell of a lot of enemy Gears. Lighter gears with not-so-great pilots, sure, but as the fight goes on, the wear and tear gives those attackers more and more chance to get lucky. So while being a defender is a more viable option, it's still a rather risky proposition and PCs doing it might come out of the game with a Purple Heart and a body bag. If you ~do~ run it, the defended object should be incredibly vital, a major NPC or strategic area. The attackers wouldn't throw Gear after Gear at it if it weren't important and defenders wouldn't stick around to risk their lives for it if it weren't something big.

More later, I think.
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